Continuing their series on “The Bible”, John and Adam spend some time with the brilliant and kind Dr. Timothy Mackie of The Bible Project.

Dr. Mackie talks about what the Bible says it is. He focuses mainly on the Old Testament and invites us to consider that perhaps our 21st century, western christian way of approaching The Bible might be wrong. In fact, Dr. Mackie admits that we must be willing to admit at any moment that we could be wrong about all of this.

This series is only an intro series. Meant to get some good conversation going so we can plan many more episodes on this divisive book call Scripture. There is so much left to talk about.

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The commentary Tim recommends in this episode is The Compact NIV Commentary by John Sailhammer. You can find it for a couple bucks on amazon.

Grace and peace friends.

(and for those of you who think we are too excited and enthusiastic or that we should challenge our guests, thank you so much for the feedback in your itunes reviews, but we’re not going to be changing that. It’s who we are. We haven’t built this space to dial ourselves down or challenge our guests. If you come on the show we’ll be just as excited about it!)

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