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Ep 72 – Kester Brewin “Getting High”

Guest Bio: This week we speak with Kester Brewin! Kester is a mathematics teacher known as one of the leading thinkers in philosophy of religion and technology. The power of his work lies in the... Read More
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Ep 70 – Dr. Tad DeLay “The Cynic & The Fool”

Guest Bio: This week we bring back one of our favorite guests from our first season! Dr. Tad DeLay! Tad is interested in the intersections of continental philosophy, theology, psychoanalysis, critical theory, and politics. He also holds... Read More
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Ep 68 – Adam & John “Year end wrap-up”

The year end wrap-up episode that was a year in the making! Adam and John take a look back at how it all began, what they’ve learned, where they find themselves now, what they’re reading,... Read More

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