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BONUS – Forrest Clay “The Recovery E.P.”

Guest Info/Bio: Forrest Clay is a singer/songwriter and good friend of the pod! Clay joined me to discuss the inspiration behind his Recover EP. We break down each song followed by a snippet of that... Read More
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Ep. 140 – Staci Frenes “Love Makes Room”

Guest Info/Bio: This week I welcome Staci Frenes. Staci is a Christian music artist, speaker, author, and mom of an LGBTQ+ daughter. A former English teacher, she has turned her love of music into a... Read More
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Ep. 139 – Candice Marie Benbow “Red Lip Theology”

Guest Info/Bio: This week I welcome Candice Marie Benbow. Candice is a multi-genre theologian who situates her work at the intersections of beauty, faith, feminism and culture, giving voice to Black women’s shared experiences of healing and... Read More
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Ep. 138 – Dr. Thomas Jay Oord “Pluriform Love”

Guest Bio: Thomas Jay Oord is a theologian, philosopher, and scholar of multi-disciplinary studies. He is an award-winning author, and he has written or edited more than twenty books. Oord has won the Outstanding Faculty... Read More

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