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We’re baaaaaaaaaack! After taking July off we’re excited to bring you the rest of 2017. We kick it off with comedian, Kevin James Doyle! Kevin is a very funny comedian from Brooklyn, New York who also happens to be John’s brother-in-law. Kevin has co-written and starred in an off Broadway play called, “How to be a New Yorker,” co-hosts a monthly comedy show in New York called “GREAT TIMES w/Cory & Kevin,” and is performing his new show, “The 30 year old Virgin” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this month. If you happen to live in the UK check him out and tell him we sent you!

Guest Website/Social Media:
Twitter: @kevinjamesdoyle
Instagram: @kevinjamesdoyle
Facebook: @kevinjamesdoyle

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Facebook: @frillsfrillsfrills
Twitter: @frillsmusic
Instagram: @frillsmusic
Frillsfrillsfrills – Mylove

Enjoy the song? The song featured on this episode was: “My Love”

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