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This week’s guest is Dr. Chris Hoklotubbe! Chris serves as both an assistant professor of Classics at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, in his capacity of teaching courses on Christianity and world religions , and as director of graduate studies for NAIITS: An Indigenous learning community.

Dr. Hoklotubbe (Choctaw) teaches courses on the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality in the Christian Tradition, the New Testament, Roman Religion, Native American Spiritualities, World Religions, and Religion and American Politics. He also co-leads interdisciplinary off-campus courses that explore the theme of pilgrimage along “El Camino de Santiago” in Northern Spain (Summer 2021, with Spanish), the topics of ancient philosophy, religion, politics, and archaeology in Greece and Turkey (Spring 2021, with Classics), and the history, art, and culture of North American Indigenous tribes (coming 2022-23, with Art History). His book, “Civilized Piety: The Rhetoric of Pietas in the Pastoral Epistles and the Roman Empire” (Baylor University Press, 2017), brings together his research interests in early Christianity, Greco-Roman archaeology, ancient philosophy, and critical theory. Hoklotubbe has also written on Native American interpretations of the Bible and the concept of “Docetism” in Early Christian studies. He continues to research and write on the Pastoral Epistles and Native American interpretations of the Bible. He’s currently co-writing a book on Indigenous Interpretations of the Bible with Cree First Nations New Testament scholar, Daniel Zacharias, which will be published with InterVarsity Press.

Guest (select) publications: Civilized Piety: The Rhetoric of Pietas in the Pastoral Epistles and the Roman Empire” (Baylor University Press, 2017)

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