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This week we cover a topic that is very important to us. We had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Stephen Hinshaw about the nature of stigma and mental health. Dr. Hinshaw grew up in our hometown of Columbus, Ohio and attended Harvard and UCLA. A professor of Psychology (UC Berkley) and Psychiatry (UC San Francisco), he is an international presence in clinical psychology/mental health, with over 320 articles/chapters and 12 books. He received the Distinguished Teaching Award in 2001; his Teaching Company (‘Great Lecture’) series, “Origins of the Human Mind,” appeared in 2010. He has been recognized as the Distinguished Scientist Award from the Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (2015), the James McKeen Cattell Award from the Association for Psychological Science (2016) for a lifetime of outstanding contributions to applied psychological research, and the Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Child Development Award (2017) from the Society for Research in Child Development. He lives in Berkley, California, with his wife Kelly Campbell; they have three sons. His newest book, “Another Kind of Madness,” chronicles his father’s recurring mental illness and the doctor-enforced silence surrounding it, plus the huge need to combat stigma.

Guest (Select) Published Works: ADHD: What Everyone Needs To Know; The ADHD Explosion: Myths, Medication, Money, and Today’s Push for Performance; The Triple Bind: Saving Our Teenage Girls from Today’s Pressures and Conflicting Expectations; The Mark of Shame: Stigma of Mental Illness and an Agenda for Change; Breaking the Silence: Mental Health Professionals Disclose Their Personal and Family Experiences of Mental Illness; and Another Kind of Madness: A Journey through the Stigma & Hope of Mental Illness.

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