Guest Bio: This week we bring you a real special treat. We were honored and privileged to speak with Dr. Paul F. Knitter. Dr. Knitter is Paul Tillich Professor Emeritus of Theology, World Religions and Culture at Union Theological Seminary in Manhattan, until he retired in June 2013.  He holds a licentiate in theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and a doctorate from the University of Marburg, Germany. Dr. Knitter is one of the driving forces within the study of theologies of religions.

(Selected) Published Works: Without Buddha I Could not be a Christian; No Other Name?; Life After Death in World Religions; Faith, Religion & Theology: A Contemporary Introduction; Jesus & Buddha: Friends in Conversation; Jesus and the Other Names: Christian Mission and Global Responsibility; One Earth Many Religions: Multifaith Dialogue and Global Responsibility; Introducing Theologies of Religions.

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