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This week we speak with Andrew Schwab! Andrew is the lead singer of the band Project 86, an author, speaker, and graphic artist. We talk with him about what it’s like within the “Christian” music industry (and music industry in general), the unique dynamics of being in a band, fame, and much much more!

Andrew is celebrating 20 years with Project 86 by releasing their 10th studio album, “Sheep Among Wolves” available now!

(Selected) Guest Publications:

We Caught You Plotting Murder, Do Not Disturb, It’s All Downhill From Here: On The Road With Project 86, Fame Is Infamy, & The Tin Soliders

Guest Website/Social Media:

Twitter: @project86band & @theandrewschwab

Facebook: @project86

Instagram: @theproject86

Special guest music on this episode provided by:

Enjoy the songs?  Songs featured on this episode were: “Fall, Goliath, Fall” from the album, Wait For The Siren. “Ambigram” & “Pale Rider” from the album, Knives To The Future. “Mhs” & “Freebooter” from the album, Sheep Among Wolves.

Project 86’s music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, & Apple Music. Pick up their  music anywhere good music is sold! If you want to support the artist consider purchasing directly from the band at

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Find them on Facebook and Twitter or visit their website for more information.

Twitter: @napsrecording


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