Guest Info/Bio:

This week we speak with Zach Hoag! Zach is an author, preacher, and creator from New England. He’s also an all around awesome guy. We talk to Zach about his journey all the way from growing up in a cult to where he finds himself today.

(Selected) Published Works:

“The Light is Winning: Why Religion Just Might Bring Us Back to Life.”

Guest Website/Social Media:

Facebook: @zhoag

Twitter: @zhoag

Instagram: @zhoag

Special guest music on this episode provided by:

Manchester Orchestra

Facebook: @ManchesterOrchestra

Twitter: @ManchesterOrch

Instagram: @manchesterorchestra

Enjoy the songs?  The songs featured on this episode were: “The Maze, The Alien, The Grocery, The Silence, & The Gold” off the brand new album “A Black Mile to the Surface.”

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