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This week we cap off our series on religious pluralism with our guest, Saumya Arya Haas. Saumya is the Digital Outreach Coordinator for Agape Editions, an imprint of Sundress Publications. She was an early adopter of Social Media for interfaith and social outreach and has been nominated as a Twin Cities Titan in Social Media. While pursuing her Religious Studies degree at Harvard University, she founded Headwaters/Delta Interfaith, which facilitated interfaith/intergroup dialogue and advised organizations on diversity, inclusiveness, and intergroup cooperation; she worked extensively in New Orleans but this work has taken her everywhere from West Africa to the White House. She worked with the Parliament of World Religions, The UN World Council of Religious Leaders, and The UN Peace Initiative.

Guest Publications:
Saumya writes regularly for The Huffington Post, State of Formation, and The Good Men Project as well as various other websites and print media.

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Twitter: @nsomniasaum
Facebook: @saumyaaryahaas

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