This week we speak with Zach Bolen from the band Citizens & Saints. Zach is also the former worship leader for Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington and speaks to us about what life has been like dealing with the closing of the Mars Hill.

Citizens & Saints is an Alternative Gospel band from Seattle, WA. In 2011 the band formed at their home church of mostly college students just blocks from the University of Washington. Each week the walls of the 100 year old church building they gathered in seemed to disappear as the sounds of God’s people shouting praises echoed throughout the streets of the U-District. The hymn arrangements (In Tenderness, How Great Thou Art, Nothing But The Blood) and gospel-centered original songs (Made Alive, Oh God, You Brought Me Back To Life) that the band has gained global influence through, all find their origins back there in that little old church. What best defines the heart beat of the band is the Gospel. Citizens & Saints hope is that through singing the gospel, all who hear it would know how great the love of God is for them through Jesus.

Special guest music on this episode provided by:
Citizens & Saints
Instagram: @citizens_saints
Twitter: @citizens_saints
Facebook: @cmustic.citizens

Enjoy the songs? Songs featured on this episode were: Relent, Madness, Day by Day, & Doubting Doubts from the brand new album A Mirror Dimly.

Citizens & Saint’s music is available on iTunes, Amazon, Soundcloud, & Spotify.

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