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On this episode:
Is deconstruction negative? What about reconstruction? Do these two ideas cooperate or compete?

John and Adam tackle the complex topic of reconstruction.

Books mentioned in this episode include:

Falling Upward (and every other book) – Richard Rohr
Benefit of the Doubt – Greg Boyd
The Sin of Certainty – Pete Enns
What Would Jesus Deconstruct? – John D. Caputo
Cloud of the Impossible – Catherine Keller

Music on this episode provided by VESPERTEEN

Vesperteen is a project born out of the necessity to express emotions, thoughts and stories that have been developing throughout a 10 year music career lived by singer and writer, Colin Rigsby.
He released a 6 song EP last September and has been touring regionally since. He is currently working on new material for a Fall release and is probably drinking kombucha presently.

Colin Rigsby



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