John and Adam conclude the 3 part Bible series with some final thoughts, rants, opinions, suggestions and some great recommended readings!

James K.A. Smith – Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism? Chapter 2

John Sailhammer – NIV Compact Commentary

ANYTHING by Walter Brueggeman – specifically his short book “Struggling with Scripture”

Karen Armstrong – The Bible: The Biography (and God: A Biography, The Case for God)

Marcus Borg – Reading the Bible again for the first time

Edmund Clowney – The Unfolding Mystery

N.T. Wright – Scripture and the Authority of God

Alexander Shaia – Heart and Mind

John Shelby Spong – Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism

Rob Bell – Jesus Wants to Save Christians

Abraham Joshua Heschel – The Prophets

Robert Alter – The Art of Biblical Narrative

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